Level 1 Physical Education Recreation

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr L. Berghan

Recommended Prior Learning

For entry into this course, students need to have excellent participation, effort and a positive attitude in Physical Education in Years 9 and 10. It would be advantageous if they have gained Achievement Standard 90964, but not necessary. Students can gain entry upon recommendation from their Physical Education teacher or approval from Head of Learning Area.

Graduate profile: (What qualities/additional skills learners will achieve by taking this course?)
Level 1 Physical Education Academic is split into two areas. It aims to develop understanding and apply strategies to improve an individual's level of skill in a range of activities; to explore the biomechanics of movement and anatomical principles, and how they influence our body to work; to examine interpersonal skills and how we apply them in order to develop leadership; and use teamwork to build a sense of confidence, pride and determination to succeed.

Students have the opportunity to gain 20 Level 1 achievement standard credits, all of which are internally assessed. They also have the opportunity to gain Course Endorsement with Merit or Excellence in this subject. To gain an Excellence endorsement, students need to gain 14 or more credits at Excellence level. To gain a Merit endorsement, they need to gain 14 or more credits at Merit (or a combination of Merit and Excellence). Individual teachers will also give students access to their own Google Classroom site.  This is a safe digital environment for student learning that enables students to view assessments, ask online questions about work and allows students to catch up on any work/resources that are missed if absent.  It also allows research resources to be posted by both student and teacher encouraging collaborative learning. It would be advantageous if they have gained Achievement Standard 90964. 

Possible Career/ Vocational Pathway(s): (What career pathways are related to this course?)
Vocational Pathways is a tool that helps you to see how your strengths, interests and achievements relate to future study options and job opportunities. The pathways provide clear study options that are valued by employers and show you what employers expect you to achieve in your learning. The pathways cover six industry sectors: Manufacturing and technology, Construction and infrastructure, Primary industries, Services industries, Social and community services and Creative industries.

Learning outcomes/Assessment links: (See standards list)
Note: Courses are subject to change with the reveiw of courses at the end of each year. 

Progression: (What courses does this course lead to?)
This course leads on to either Level 2 Physical Education Academic, or Level 2 Physical Education Recreation.

Vocational/Industry links: (What vocational or industry learning experiences will be included in this course?)
Team work, Interpersonal skills, Leadership.

Contextualised contexts: (What local, cultural, real-life content is involved in this course?)
Students will take part in the Level 1 Hike at Lake Ngātu.

Teaching and Learning Approaches: (How will I learn in this course?)
Students will learn individually, in pairs and within groups. Some teaching/learning will occur through our online Google Classroom.

Course Overview

Term 1
Introduction to course theme;  AS90968 - Responsibility in the Outdoors;  Hike
Week 9: Hike Times and dates to be finalised;  Week 10: AS90968 Assessment complete; Term/progress evaluation

Term 2
AS90961 - Introduction; AS90966 - Interpersonal skills (training programme)
Week 4: AS90961 Monitoring of progress; Week 10: AS90966 Assault Course run by NZ Police; Tough Guy/Gal Challenge; Assesment Week
 Term/progress evaluation

Term 3
AS90962 - Continuation;  AS90963 - Introduction
Week 10: End of year school examinations; AS90963 examination; Term/progress evaluation

Term 4
AS90962 - Final diary input; AS90964 - Introduction
Week 5: All work completed and handed in; Course evaluation and review


Level 2 Physical Education Recreation

Resource Requirements

Physical Education gear is required and is the students' responsibility. All other resources are supplied (either by paper or online). Students are required to turn up to classes ready, and willing to learn.

Credit Information

This course is eligible for subject endorsement.

This course is approved for University Entrance.

Internal or
L1 Literacy Credits UE Literacy Credits Numeracy Credits
A.S. 90962 v3 Physical Education 1.1 - Participate actively in a variety of physical activities and explain factors that influence own participation
Term: , Week:
Term: , Week:
Term: , Week:
A.S. 90966 v3 Physical Education 1.5 - Demonstrate interpersonal skills in a group and explain how these skills impact on others
A.S. 90968 v3 Physical Education 1.7 - Demonstrate, and show understanding of, responsible behaviour for safety during outdoor education activities
A.S. 91330 v3 Physical Education 2.4 - Perform a physical activity in an applied setting
Term: , Week:
Total Credits

Total Credits Available: 16 credits.
Internally Assessed Credits: 16 credits.

Pathway Tags

Physical Education Teaching, Fitness Industry, Sports Coaching, Sport and Recreation, Armed Forces, Police, Personal Trainer, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Massage TherapistOccupational Therapist, Optometrist, Osteopath, Pathologist

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