Year 9 Science

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr M. Dryburgh

Year 9 Science introduces students to Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. They are also given the opportunity to study more about plants, matter and earth and space.


Year 10 Science

Recommended Prior Learning

Science is a compulsory subject for Year 9 students.

Pathway Tags

Medicine, Nursing Technician, Teaching, Zoologist, Veterinarian/Vet, Nurse, Pharmacist, Bio-Chemist, Industrial Chemist, Forensic Scientist, Pilot, Physicist, Geophysics, Astronomy, Medical Radiation Technician, Tree Surgeon, Nursery Production Manager, Orchard Grower, Town Planner, Demographer, Archaeologist, Anthropologist, Meteorologist, Policy Analyst, Resource Management, Diplomat

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