Year 9 English

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs I. Jennings

Year 9 English is designed to prepare students for Year 10 and will lead onto NCEA Level 1. Students will study Literature studies, persuasive writing, paragraph writing, unfamiliar texts and produce a personal reading programme.


Year 10 English

Recommended Prior Learning

This is a compulsory subject for Year 9 students.

Pathway Tags

Broadcaster, Reporter, Interpreter, Training Consultant, Librarian, Curator, Communications, Marketing Manager, Reviewer, Teacher, Editor, Lawyer, Publisher, Account Executive, Account Supervisor, Actor/actress, Administration, Administrative Assistant/Office Mgr., Advertising Sales Representative, Announcer, Application Developer, Archivist, Area Coordinator, Assistant Editor/Production Editor, Associate Company Manager, Associate Director of Publicity, Associate Editor, Attorney, Author, Bank Officer, Book Publisher, Communication Skills Trainer

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