Year 10 English

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs I. Jennings

Year 10 English is designed to prepare students for NCEA Level 1.  There may be opportunities to gain Level 1 credits if students meet the Level 1 NCEA standard for: formal writing, creative writing, speaking, creating a visual text and wide reading/personal responses. They will be offered to students according to their skill level, and if their work meets the various NCEA Level 1 standards.

Students will learn:

  • Literature studies - novel, short stories, songs and poetry
  • Film/Moving images study
  • Reading for meaning
  • Speaking
  • Writing to express ideas in formal and personal writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Increasing knowledge of language features and their purpose
  • Increasing knowledge of punctuation, grammar and spelling.


Level 1 English, Level 1 Literacy

Recommended Prior Learning

Year 10 English is a compulsory core subject.

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