English is the study of language and literature.  It teaches students how to critically evaluate the world around them through what they read, see and hear. Our English Learning Area caters for students from Year 9 through to Year 13 (Level 3). 

At Level 1, there are two available courses. As a result of students' skill development and achievement up to the end of Year 10, they will be placed into the English course most suited to their ability. The difference between the courses is based on the method of assessment and the pace of the class:
- L1ENG (English) All achievement standards are taught up to Excellence level.
- L1ENP (English Practical) is built around the Level 1 Literacy standards and Level 1 Communication English unit standards.  
  It is designed for students whose literacy skills require further development so that they can cope with the demands of NCEA.

The Annual Speech Competitions are held around August each year and students are offered the chance to sit ICAS English Examinations. Our Kura also has a Writer's Club in which students have the opportunity to attend the Writers' Festival in Auckland.

Mrs Irene Jennings (Head of Learning Area)
Mr Jerym Walker (Assistant Head of Learning Area)

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