The Encyclopaedia Britannica once defined mathematics as the science of structure, order and relation that has evolved from elemental practices of counting, measuring, and describing the shapes of objects. At Kaitaia College Calculus students can expect to develop the skills of independent reasoning, problem-solving techniques, and logical abstract thinking.  Calculus is important in tertiary courses in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering and any career with a major mathematical component. Statistics students can expect to develop the skills of analysing and interpreting data, finding patterns, experimental design, clear and logical thinking, and the ability to draw conclusions for mathematical arguments. These are useful for studies in Business, Commerce, Education, Medicine and Health Studies, Psychology, and any career involving prediction, sampling or probability.

NCEA is an achievement based assessment qualification.  It asks the question "can the student perform a particular task and if so, to what level" (the levels are Achieve, Merit and Excellence).  To gain a Level 1 NCEA Certificate you need to gain at least 80 credits.  These credits can come from ANY subject and can be accumulated over a number of years.  Of the 80 credits needed at least ten must be from Numeracy or specific mathematics Achievement Standards.  There are other requirements regarding languages/Literacy.  At present, there is NO Mathematics requirement at Level 2. While in Year 10, students are given the opportunity to achieved credits from two internal Achievement standards.  These credits are "banked" until they are in Level 1. Level 1 students are offered various Mathematics courses, which cater for all levels of understanding. 

The Mathematics Learning Area oversees three distinct and quite separate courses in Year 12:
- Level 2 Mathematics (with Calculus) - leads to Level 3 Mathematics with Calculus and Level 3 Mathematics with Statistics or both.
- Level 2 Mathematics with Statistics - leads only to Level 3 Mathematics with Statistics.
- Year 12 Vocational Mathematics - intended for students who are considering a Vocational Pathway in Construction or
   Manufacturing and Technology.

At Level 3 there are two distinct and quite separate courses (Mathematics with Calculus and Mathematics with Statistics). Students can opt for either or both. Mathematics Level 3 is a University approved subject.

Head of Learning Area
Mr Edwin Small

Assistant Head of Learning Area
Mrs Panya Blud
Mr Lon Peters

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