Year 10 STEM

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms M. Green

Raising seedlings
Ebb and Flow system
Growing sustainable food through Hydroponics


STEM Course Outline

We will look at creating a new community in Mars and how a food source will be needed. This food source will relate around Aqua-Hydroponics. You will learn to apply the principles of design thinking and project-based learning to develop your project ideas. You will work together in team building exercises and as an individual You will develop good thinking skills using your creative and curious mind. Term 2 - Hydroponics.

STEM Content:
Team building; Problem solving skills; Critical thinking; Creativity; Construction; Working with others; 2D and 3D sketching; 3D modelling; Web design; Blogging; Design process. simple plant biology,  use measurement and formulae to build models, graph and model situations to make decisions about growing food, surviving and sharing resources.

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