Year 10 Metalwork

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms M. Green

Course Overview:
This is a half-year course. Students complete a number of projects which will involve the use of particular tools and machinery. This will reinforce the importance of basic mathematical measurement skills and science to enable them to understand metal structures and welding processes.


  • How to use a number of tools and techniques; welding, lathes, guillotine, band-saws, drill press, battery
  • Use precision tools for measuring
  • Engineering processes are encouraged to create projects that are authentic and unique
  • Literacy is an important part of this course.
  • Both theory and practical lessons are taught.

Week 1: 

Course induction and expectations; walk through classroom and workshop; question sheets for students to complete; inquire about their experiences.
Weeks 2-3:
Complete Health & Safety unit digitally online.
Weeks 4-8:
Project 1 - Accurately follow an engineer's plan of a bottle opening; students are informed to gift this project to a whānau member; investigate ideas and plan to adapt it to the shape of the handle.

Week 3:
Project 2: Investigate ideas and develop plans for a feature, either for a graden or inside the home.
Weeks 4-8:
Project 3: Accurately follow an engineer's plan and, with a metal lathe, mill a 12mm round into a dot punch. Harden punch tip using heat and dipped into carbon.
For those that finish early: 
Project 4: Students choose a project to complete (only for advanced students).

Resource Requirements

There may be a small fee for this course.​


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